Everything in my Lil Honey introduction has a code.  Here we go, all spelled out to show my ‘BIG STICKY MESS!”

I am Lisa! The name means consecrated to God and when I was 12, I acted on that and decided to shine for Him as well and not just be a dud as I watched the fireworks that 4th of July! Read more about my beliefs under the Spiritual Life tab.

As dedicated to my God as I am, I am equally dedicated to my Family. My King and I have two silly little princesses whom we never expected would bring so much joy, angelic sweetness, mess and laughter to our lives. My King is my amazing, wonderful, wise, handsome, talented, hot, ambitious, golden-tanned, dreamy…oh, got distracted…he’s my hubby. You can read about how we met and married here. His nickname was King from birth. In India it is common to call your first son the Prince and when my hubby was born second, his parents didn’t want him to feel left out, so his nickname is King, and it fits for that family! My Daddy called me his “Lil’ Honey” all my days and still does. When I got my first car, the license plate read Lil Hon 7. I just liked the number 7, I guess. Had you ever seen me driving around?

The number 24 is included in my first ever teenage e-mail address because that is how many pets that I had at the time. Read about all of the pets I have ever had here. I am an Animal Lover!!! Currently my little family has one mischeivious little 7 year old cat named Bravo, and a fluffy white Marshmallow of a guinea pig. I’ll be writing more about animals too! I became a vegetarian for the animal’s sake when I was 16. My mom says it was like 2 days after she had made one of our favorite family meals of round steak in gravy, mashed potatoes, corn and rolls with butter and I had commented at the dinner table that, “This is the best meal ever!” Ha! I’m not usually that volte-face. In fact, I love people and especially children so much that when I went to work for a daycare and residential treatment center 4 years later, I thought long and hard and decided to give up being a vegetarian. I was living and working with these kids who had no other choice but to eat whatever the cook felt like making that day and as their houseparent, I needed to set a good example and help these kids on a path to better choices and health, so obviously that included setting the example to eat what is provided for you (including packaged chicken fried steak…what is in that stuff?…anyways)!

The following year when I met my handsome Indian husband at a summer camp for children and adults with special needs, I once again resumed a vegetarian diet with him and several other camp counselors who were vegetarians. I worked beside the camp cook (who went on to now be the general manager of the largest health food store in our town) to develop a meal plan that coincided with her regular meal plan (mmm…camp food, right?) and gave the vegetarians more options than the salad and peanut butter and jelly bar. At his previous summer camp, my husband had pretty much survived on bread, butter, and salad. When we married and started hanging out and going out to more restaurants with family and friends, he was so sick of such limited menu choices for vegetarians that he decided he wanted to give eating at least chicken and fish a try, and he loved it! At that time we were trying to conceive our first little bundle of Joy, so we thought the eating meat would help that as well. We didn’t consume many animal products and when the doctors said my baby wasn’t growing well in my womb and I should eat more red meat, I went straight to that round steak and gravy (well and hotdogs, that baby craved hotdogs!), and my body felt stronger for doing so as well.

The next several years were filled with long visits from my vegetarian mother-in-law, “Mummy Ji” and her other son, so we more often ate vegetarian. Lots of beans, lentils, rice, vegetables, tofu, milk, eggs (not for Mummy Ji, but they felt needed for the rest of us), and fruit. My darling baby stayed at the bottom of the growth chart for a long time and so it felt necessary for me to give her cottage cheese, hummus, avocados and those darned “real” chicken nuggets (don’t ask me how they process those things, they are no longer welcome in our household and I don’t even want to know) and soy hotdogs (because they felt better in my mind than “real” processed hotdogs) at nearly every meal! My hubby and I would still eat chicken or fish in restaurants. It was hard for him to learn to enjoy beef as it was long engrained in the culture that the cow is a sacred animal and that stuck with him psychologically.

After three years we now had another little Angel ready to start eating solids and she was famous for an oatmeal and banana song and also loved those new baby organic yogurts. But before she was even two, two of her little teeth started getting holes! How could this be?!! I thought that I mostly fed her the same as her big sister! I was always pretty crunchy (a phrase that I interpret to mean pretty raw, natural and out to find the least processed and polished ways to do things involving the care of a family) and health conscious. The only things were those pesky chicken nuggets and soy hotdogs and just the little thing that all the girls in the family needed to satisfy their cravings for A Lil’ Honey (ok, so that usually included Mummy Ji’s favorite sugar wafers, Grammy’s great baked goods, and mounds of collected “Oh, you’re so cute; I’ll give you extra…” Halloween candy), but we limited ourselves to one sweet a day (a reasonable rule we thought) and we also ate lots of veggies and fruits. So I dug into the internet to see what others had to say about cavities, health, nutrition and healing.

I found many references to grains, particularly wheat, being a culprit even more so than sweets in harming digestive health and that producing problems in the teeth. The teeth are said to be the outward signs of what your body’s health is on the inside. So I started with “preparing grains properly.” Using soaked flour recipes, growing different sourdoughs, making most of our bread that way homemade – getting crunchier and crunchier! But that little tooth popped out another hole and so did the tooth next to it! So from July to November, our little Angel went gluten-free and started eating fermented cod liver oil washed down with a spoonful of cream every day. I thought her teeth were looking shinier and stronger, but when November came, there were some pressing family life details to pay more attention to than spending lots of time and money on gluten-free alternatives for her to eat what the rest of the family was eating, so we gave it all up for the next three months until things settled back down. Wow! In those three months, the holes increased in size and two more teeth next to them started to become dented with tiny holes. Umm, do we need to go Paleo as all the rage is going on now?

Currently, my King, myself, my Joy and my Angel are gluten-free and eating lots of natural fats, pastured meats (now including some beef and lamb), vegetables, less sweet fruits, less milk and limiting those sweet treats and desserts to only be allowed on the weekends (Ok, admittedly the Mommy must have her daily Authentic Indian Chai or coffee with A Lil Honey, some raw goat milk and maybe a few chocolate covered almonds!). We are almost Paleo.

Here’s where my drive to create this blog and all the articles, thoughts, ramblings and hopefully advise and recipes comes from:


I do not believe this to be proper, practical, healthy, nor true to the actual Paleolithic people’s ways of life!!!

With my experience being as immersed as possible in the current immigrated Indian culture and way of eating as well as my experience as a vegetarian, and with all my research on healthy eating plans, and with thinking about the earth’s seasons and common sense, there needs to be more information about eating Paleo without the meat. I do not entirely know which diet plan is best for humans. I will discuss my thoughts on this more in the section of the blog marked FOODER.

Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, The Starch Solution, The Standard American Diet, Primal, Nourishing Traditions, Low-Fat diets, GAPS, Juice Fasts, Gluten-Free, Raw, Food Combining, Blood Type Specific Diet, the Atkins Diet, Real Food, Diets from around the World, Bible Diets, Seasonal Eating, Cabbage Diets and more.

They all have so many resources, research, evidences, examples and followers, but I’m going to help by putting in some of the experiences and food mixing (cooking) knowledge that I have to create recipes that are useful, helpful, and fitting for many of the aforementioned diet plans. I totally LOVE being in my kitchen creating new dinner concoctions! I plan on sharing many new recipes with readers and getting into e-book writing with compilations of really yummy and useful recipes for many healthy homes! This gets me to where I can finish this post of getting to know Who am I as the author of a series of books that are VEGAN PALEO, meaning they are recipes for meals that are grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, bean-free and meat-free.

I hope I can help someone! I love loving and helping people feel better in this life! I hope we can learn and grow all life long always with much JOY and SWEETNESS!!!

~lil Honey

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