So much information goes rushing through my sweet little honey brown head all the times! I have so much that I want to learn and read about! I have so much I want to write about and share with you! You are important to me because I want to help you live a better, healthier, happier, more loving and peaceful life too!

Most importantly I am needed by my husband, as I was called to be his very own helpmate, and our children, as I am their one and only mommy! In doing all these things, comes the necessity of keeping myself healthy, peaceful and sane!

So I am requiring myself to be very disciplined while writing, researching and working on this blog. I will do my best for everyone involved and will make this a great experience for everyone around me! So with that intro, I would like to share with you my plan for this blog for now and hopefully for as long as I can keep it going:


Blog Research: Almost Every Night!

We raised our little girls with an “attachment parenting” solution. You can read about that in THIS POST, but basically it means that every night I lay down in my 4 year-old’s bunk bed with her 7 year-old sister laying above and read through Facebook and articles of interest until they fall asleep (and sometimes longer…and sometimes stay asleep there all night if it’s been “one of those days!”) So that is how I do research and reading without taking time away from any of my dear ones, and in fact adding something positive to the comfort and security of their little lives (except for when I fall asleep and my hubby doesn’t get his massage or therapy session that evening)!


Blog Writing/Posting: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

While laying in the bed, it is not easy to write much. And also, having a designated writing time during the day will break up the time from researching and writing so that I can be able to focus better and be able to digest what my mind has taken in so that I can produce something from my very own brain! This also will discipline me to not spend too much time each day on blog stuff as there is so much that a wife and mommy is responsible for in her home and with her family!

Now I will describe that I have set up a plan to write on my different topics and post them on certain days of the week in a 2 week pattern so that you will know what to expect and always get something unique, interesting, helpful and fresh! And so that I will not neglect the blog and not write for several weeks and then suddenly pour out a ton of things that had been welling up inside me, but instead keep on track. When I do have those wellings and crazy writing sprees I will store stuff up so that I will always have something to post from each category so that if I get designated to do something or go somewhere important (like the birth of my first niece or nephew!), you’ll still hear something from me. So without further ado, here is what you can be excited to read from me:


Blog Posting Week 1:

Monday: Fooder

Tuesday: writing

Wednesday: Me/Family Day

Thursday: writing

Friday: Family Activity

Saturday: Weekly Meal Plan


Blog Posting Week 2:

Monday: Recipe

Tuesday: writing

Wednesday: Spiritual Life

Thursday: writing

Friday: Education

Saturday: Weekly Meal Plan


In sharing this with you, now you will know what you can expect to look forward to! Thanks so very, very, very much for reading and I love you!!!


~lil Honey


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