Ooohh wow! This week went faster than the first week of school and instills in me the pressure to keep things moving and on track! It was also SUPER HOT this week and I couldn’t walk to school a couple afternoons, just couldn’t make myself do that! I’m looking forward to Labor Day off and then our district has Tuesday off as well. I hope I can get back on track for Wednesday because my little Angel starts preschool for the first time on Wednesday!


This week I’m harvesting more and more from the garden. Mostly tomatoes and those I’m saucing and canning so I’ll be busy off and on with that too. I have several tomato plants that are giving very large tomatoes that start splitting before they even turn red, so I’ve been picking those and then I cut then in slices and lined those on cookie sheets and froze them so that I can use them throughout the winter as fried green tomatoes (which I’ve never tried, but hope I like…haha!) For then ends of those green splitting tomatoes, I cut off the bad spots and dice them up then freeze them in muffin tins and I’ll use them as green tomato pickles. Last year when I had extra green tomatoes that were sold to me in bulk by a farmer (I didn’t have a garden last year), I did can a recipe of green tomato pickles from the Ball Canning Magazine and we really liked them. Right now while my tomatoes are splitting and rotting I don’t have all of the ingredients to make those canning pickles, so that’s why I’m freezing them and will mix up a batch whenever we feel like it and have the ingredients. There’s not too much else going on in the garden except an eggplant bush that continues to produce small white eggplants that turn yellow if we wait and see if they’ll get bigger. White eggplants are sold in stores, but several farmers I’ve talked with and others have never seen yellow ones…oh well, they’re still tasty, maybe a bit tough, but that’s good for battering and frying! (Check out my recipe in the VP Italian and Greek ebook coming soon!)


I’ve got a big pumpkin plant that sprang up on it’s own accord and am seeing that it has one cute pie pumpkin now turning orange! I LOVE pie pumpkins and I told the plant that, and I told the plant to go ahead and give us more pumpkins! I think we’ll be able to pick that soon! Otherwise, I did have a pie pumpkin in the pantry from the farmer’s market a couple weeks ago and I’ll be baking that this week and doing some super yummy things with it. Hopefully I finally get my GF French Toast Egg Casserole baked this week and can stick that pumpkin in the oven while it’s baking. That’s what I need to do! So on to the menu for the week:

What Veggies Do I Have:

Frozen Veggies in the Freezer: broccoli, peas, chopped bell peppers

Fresh Veggies in Fridge: Cauliflower, romaine lettuce, carrots, asparagus, zucchini

Veggies in the pantry: sweet potatoes, yellow squash, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, pumpkin, potatoes

Veggies in the garden: eggplants, kale, swiss chard, tomatoes, cucumber

Meal Plan:

Sunday night prep: turkey sausages out of freezer

Monday prep: purchase chicken thighs and round steaks while grocery shopping

Monday: B- turkey sausage and hashbrowns

L- yellow squash with peas Sabji* with teff flour chappatis* and yogurt

D- chicken tikka masala with teff flour chappatis and salad with avocados and balsamic vinegar

squash mutter

Tuesday: B- Vegan Paleo Zucchini Apple Crisp**

L- egg curry with teff flour chappatis and yogurt with fermented veggies

D- Pretzel (GF) coated round steak with onion and mango gravy (from Aarti Party), roasted asparagus and mashed potatoes

Tuesday evening prep: soak dal and soak rice


Wednesday: B- bacon and eggs and bananas

L- turkey tomato romaine wraps

D- dal makhani (black dal with butter) and rice

Wednesday evening prep: Assemble French Toast egg casserole; get pumpkin de-seeded and ready for baking also, mix up pizza dough so I can make sure pizza is ready in time


Thursday: B- French toast casserole

L- Pumpkin Sambar* with rice and Coconut Chili Chutney*

D- Church Pizza Night (bring homemade Paleo pizza)

Thursday evening prep: get ribs out of freezer


Friday: B- French toast casserole

L- aloo gobi* (Indian potatoes with cauliflower) and Paleo Naan* with raita

D- BBQ ribs with carrot soup and fried eggplant***


Saturday: B- Paleo pumpkin donuts

L- Salad (sometimes Vegan, but sometimes with some bacon or other meat)

D- leftovers or whatever we can CREATE from the freezer or pantry


Sunday: B- eggs and leftover baked goods

L- gluten-free out to eat or yogurt smoothies and GF nut butter sandwiches at home

D- gluten-free pasta dish or vegetable noodles (ie: spaghetti squash or zucchini)


*from Vegan Paleo Indian

**from VP Good Morning!

***from VP Italian and Greek


School Lunches:

Wednesday:  turkey cheese bacon lettuce wraps, cabbage with cream in canteen, grapes, water

Thursday:  Ants on a log (celery, almond butter, raisins) and chips with guacamole

Friday:  packable makable homemade pizza kit, mini carrots, starfruit slices


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