I felt pretty good about my school time strategies last week.  I didn’t get much done around the house because of just adjusting to the schedule of it all, but I expected that, and did alright.  I got one round of nuts soaked and dehydrated, but not two.  I’m going to get to that early this week so we have walnuts to add to granola and maybe get that cheesecake with a walnut crust baked.   I got Against All Grain.com ‘ s Cashew based buns baked and they were soooo delicious.  My king had really been craving that felt and tasted like carb loaded bread and so we slathered on the butter!

Friday’s schedule was a little off because a project came up and we worked hard on that most of the day and just made a quick frozen pea Sabji with some leftover GF Naan for lunch and ate out (chicken stir-fry with white rice) for dinner.

I’m adding something even more to my meal plans that you get to see how my planning process goes even more in-depth:  I’ll be typing in my Veggie Lists so that you can notice what fresh and frozen veggies we have in the house, which is always my starting point (plus my freezer meat list and what extra meats we’ll need for the week) for planning meals.  So, take a look:


Frozen Veggies in the Freezer: broccoli, peas, chopped bell peppers

Fresh Veggies I have: Coleslaw, yellow squash, butternut squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams, cauliflower, 3 cucumbers, carrots, 2 small yellow eggplant, 1 large purple eggplant, garden kale, collard greens, mushrooms


Sunday Night Prep:  soak rice and beans

Monday: B- eggs, banana, toast

L- baingan burtha* (Indian charred and mashed eggplant with peas) and GF naan and Indian Cucumber and Tomato Salad*

D- rice and beans


Monday Night Prep:  Chicken breasts out of freezer as well as ground turkey roll and ground beef roll for meatloaf the following day, soak nuts.

Tuesday Morning Task:  Get nuts in dehydrator

Tuesday: B- GF ricotta pancakes

L- Aloo Gobi Sabji* and Paleo Naan*

D- Chicken Coq Au Vin with braised carrots and sauteed mushrooms

Tuesday Night Prep:  Mix up and bake nut granola so it’s ready for morning.


Wednesday: B- Paleo Nut Granola** with coconut milk

L- peas and yellow squash sabji* with Paleo Naan* and Raita*

D- meatloaf and Garlic Collard Green “Noodles”*** and Vegan Paleo Baked Eggplant*** with home-canned marinara sauce

Wednesday evening prep:  Get egg casserole all assembled and ready to pop in the oven in the morning.

Italian Vegan Dinner

Thursday: B- egg casserole with peppers, onions, greens and gluten-free bread crusts

L- creamy almond buttery tomatoey garlicy kale**** with Yam Flour Chappatis*

D- Soup with Broccoli, Onions, Carrots, Garlic, Ham with gluten free bun

Thursday Night Prep:  Get cocktail wieners out of freezer.


Friday: B- gluten-free cereal

L- shredded cabbage and yam sabji* with Paleo Naan* and Raita*

D- Spicy cocktail wieners with broccoli patties


Saturday: B- more egg casserole

L- Salad (sometimes Vegan, but sometimes with some bacon or other meat)

D- leftovers or whatever we can CREATE from the freezer or pantry


Sunday: B- eggs and leftover baked goods

L- gluten-free out to eat or yogurt smoothies and GF nut butter sandwiches at home

D- gluten-free pasta dish or vegetable noodles (ie: spaghetti squash or zucchini)


*from Vegan Paleo Indian

**from VP Good Morning

***from VP Italian and Greek

****from VP Supper Supers



Monday:  Ants on a Log (celery, almond butter, raisins) and cold cabbage and cream salad

Tuesday:  Turkey on romaine lettuce wraps with cheese stick and grapes

Wednesday:  Hot Canteen chicken, zucchini and rice in cream sauce with

Thursday:  Bean burger on GF bun with tomato slice, mini carrots and grapes

Friday:  ABJ (Almond Butter and Jelly) on GF bread with mini carrots and apple slices


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