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This week SCHOOL STARTS!  Oh dear, summer went so fast!!!!!!!!!  Read all the way to the end of this post if you want the BONUS about school lunches!!!

My Joy starts Second Grade!  She is not that thrilled, but I keep telling her that Second Grade was my favorite…THANKS MRS. M.!!!!!  She started feeling better when she got all of her pretty new school supplies and then when she saw the class list and saw one of her best friends from last year is in her class again this year.

My Angel is going to start 4-year preschool!!!!!!  We didn’t get her into a 3-year preschool like Joy had done, they’re just such different kids!  Still, it will be a big adjustment for her and she seems pretty nervous (unwilling)…but I believe that at this stage, it will help her a lot.  I’ll probably write a whole post about her experiences in the Education section of the blog.

So with the starting of school means that I need to get organized (AND GET TO BED EARLY)!!!!!!

I’m going to be soaking and dehydrating tons of nuts this week so that we’re ready with quick, protein-ful snacks for anytime someone comes home from school starving (or can’t get to sleep because a tummy is still so rumbly)!  

I’ll make some extra pancakes on that first day to stick some in the freezer for mornings that we accidentally sleep in.

I’ll probably freeze some extras of lunches so we can pull those out from freezer jars anytime.

I’ve got all the ingredients that I need for a cheesecake that I will make with A LIL HONEY instead of sugar and a nut-crumb crust so that can be a filling and pretty much healthy snack also.  I’ll bake that and cut it into cubes to be eaten as snacks or in lunch boxes for quite awhile.

I’ll be making a batch of VP muffins and mini-muffins for snacks and lunch boxes as well.

In this post I will write along with my daily meal plans, the morning and night preps that I need to be really on top of in order to accomplish all that I’ve got on the meal plan and what I’ve mentioned that my plans are for extra snacks and such.  I will be able to now read my blog and see what I need to do to keep up!  Great!!!  Here’s hoping for a smooth as honey transition into this school year!!!!


BONUS!!!  Since I’ve gotta be totally organized and Up and Adam in the mornings to not be rushing around too much and enjoy the mornings with my critters, I have GOT TO plan LUNCH BOX LUNCHES for My Joy, and you get see what we’re planning!  Last year I only needed to buy my Joy the school cafeteria lunch about 5 times (that’s way less than when she was in kindergarten and I was not prepared nor knowledgeable nor gluten-free fooders); however, she was late a number of times for a variety of reasons, but being more planned out with lunches will hopefully be one thing that helps us enjoy our mornings better and get where we’re going before we need to be there!

Another note is that you may notice that these lunches sometimes seem a bit small, but for some reason (socialization reasons or time limits reasons or being too distracted or something) my Joy doesn’t eat much at school.  She could eat twice or three times of what she eats at school at home for lunches, but I learned last year not to pack too much or it all just comes back home mushy.  Sometimes I make her finish her lunch when she gets home before she can eat another type of snack, depending on what food it is that is leftover and that would not have gone bad yet.

One more thing that makes packing lunches easier is using leftovers from some dinners from the week.  I’m roasting a whole chicken this week and so I’ll shred some of the meat and use it for some sautéed chicken and zucchini for the girlies for a dinner once as well as save some of that sautee to mix with rice and add a butter, cream and rice flour rue. I will cook the rice Friday morning so that it is ready for my Joy’s lunch and then will be eaten with some type of beans for my King and my lunch.  My Joy loves when I put these mixes in her canteen to stay warm and gooey on a cold winter day, but really just anytime because she loves this recipe and has lots of friends that ask her for the recipe from her mom…Yay inspiring the kiddos to healthy eating!  Alright, ok, so I’ll post the recipe in the recipe section sometime!

Now, on to the packing and eating of lunches this week:

Monday:  1st Day (my Joy said that every year I give her a Lunchable on the first day and she begged and begged for one again this year, and I had to as calmly yet forcefully get her to explain what it is about a Lunchable that is so great…chocolate pudding, rice crispy treats, candy, smoothies, little squares of cheese, make a pizza kits…”Hmm, ok kid, how about the mama make you a homemade make your own pizza kit, homemade chocolate pudding, and a homemade smoothie?”…deep thinking for a moment…”Ok, Mommy!”  Yay!  Victory for Mommy!  So from our Saturday pizza night, I made extra Paleo pizza crust dough using the recipe from “Practical Paleo Italian” and baked that extra dough in English muffin rings for mini Paleo pizza crusts!  Sent a baggy of shredded cheese, a small bowl of sauce, made avocado chocolate pudding, made a smoothie using yogurt, coconut milk, water, banana, blackberries, carrot, kale, and watermelon the night before and froze several cups so that I’m hoping when I put it frozen in the lunch bag in the morning then it will be drinkable by lunch, and I also snuck in for a surprise a homemade rice crispy treat made with homemade marshmallows that I had made awhile ago and frozen, Kerrygold butter and gluten-free rice crisp cereal (did you know “Rice Crispies” are not gluten-free because they contain malt syrup which is made from barley which is a glutinous grain!).  It didn’t have a much fruit and veggies as I would have liked or usually do, but hey, I’m thinking that lunch was pretty nutritiously awesome compared to a Lunchable!

Tuesday:  Another Lunchable knock-off because when I shopped on Friday, I forgot that I was supposed to do the mini pizza Lunchable and had gotten uncured Canadian Bacon and gluten-free crackers for those little Lunchable sandwiches.  Good thing my Joy reminded me about the pizza Lunchable on Saturday and I was able to made the extra crust dough!  Kids never forget things, right!?!  So, in the lunch box on Tuesday will be 4 gluten-free crackers, 4 slices of Canadian Bacon, 4 cut pieces of organic sliced cheese to match the size of the crackers (Costco), 4 cucumber slices, 4 biggish cherry tomatoes, 4 orange slices.  Water bottle. I don’t know why I stuck with the 4 theme…it just seemed to fit all.

Wednesday:  Same as Tuesday except for 2 dried apricots instead of the oranges.

Thursday:  2 Ants on a log (celery, almond butter, raisins), sprouted organic multi-grain corn chips and guacamole cup, water bottle.

Friday:  Sauteed chicken and zucchini mixed with rice in a butter cream sauce in a Canteen, 1/2 cup of organic grapes, water bottle.


Now that’s all for this week!  May it be SWEET For All!!!



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