I’m in the midst of messing up my kitchen!  I’m being driven crazy with Joy!  I’m being snuggled by an Angel!  I’m being pestered by Bravo!  I’m being summoned by a Marshmallow!  My mind and heart are consumed with my King!  I am consecrated to my God!  And I’m just a bit sticky in A Lil Honey!



Here you will find RECIPES and E-BOOKS and Articles that center around being VEGAN PALEO!  Meat-free, Egg-free, Grain-free, Dairy-free, Bean-free, OOOH SIGH, EVEN HONEY-FREE and FULL of Vibrant Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Spices and Fruits that you can FREELY eat your fill of!


Here you will find FAITH Encouraging articles to strengthen your belief, make more sense of the world around you, build up yourselves and your families and truly praise our GOD in the beauty of this bountiful creation!


Here you will find FAMILY activities from a Recreational Therapist, resources and encouragements to help you have the happy hive you desire for your buzzing little (or big) family!

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