If you read the post in the ABOUT ME section entitled FOODER: EATING PHILOSOPHY, you will understand that although my family and I believe in eating tons of veggies as in a highly Vegan Fooder Philosophy, we are not vegans. And although we agree with many of the ideas in the Paleo Fooder Philosophy, we do not completely follow all of the prescribed guidelines of it. We eat meat, eggs, dairy, beans and grains that are gluten-free. Our diet plan probably relates closest to the “Nourishing Traditions” and Westin A. Price Fooder Philosophies for a life of healthy eating. Therefore, Lil Honey tries hard to balance our daily intake of protein from various sources, fats, carbs and vegetables and fruits. The basic breakdown of how I try to plan meals on a weekly basis goes like this:


Monday: B- eggs, banana, toast

L- Vegan Paleo Meal

D- rice and beans


Tuesday: B- gluten-free or Paleo Pancakes

L- Vegan Paleo Meal

D- meat or chicken or fish with potatoes (white or sweet) or quinoa and vegetables and fruit


Wednesday: B- yogurt, fruit, Paleo nut or coconut cereal (every once in awhile soaked oatmeal or rice noodles)

L- Vegan Paleo Meal

D- meat or chicken or fish with potatoes (white or sweet) or quinoa and vegetables and fruit


Thursday: B- gluten-free cereal

L- gluten-free sandwich or burrito (sometimes with meat, usually vegetarian with grass-fed cheese)

D- rice and beans


Friday: B- eggs, meat, potatoes (white or sweet)

L- leftover rice and beans

D- dips (from VP After-Dinner Dippin’) or snacks (from VP Savory Snacks) or Paleo meat snacks, burgers or GF pizza, popcorn (real or cauliflower “popcorn”)


Saturday: B- Paleo or GF muffins or waffles

L- Salad (sometimes Vegan, but sometimes with some bacon or other meat)

D- leftovers or whatever we can CREATE from the freezer or pantry


Sunday: B- eggs and leftover baked goods

L- gluten-free out to eat or yogurt smoothies with GF nut butter sandwiches at home

D- gluten-free pasta dish or vegetable noodles (ie: spaghetti squash or zucchini)


I hope that gives you an idea of how to easily create a weekly meal plan that can be similar from week to week in order for you to be more prepared and planned in your kitchen!

Each week I start my meal planning by examining what veggies I have on hand, what veggies are in season, and when and where I will be shopping for the week.  Some weeks I make it to the local Farmer’s Market and other weeks I know that I will not be able to make it there or that it is not the season for the Farmer’s Market.  Some weeks I shop at the natural store because I may need to replenish my stock of RAW HONEY, coconut flour, or other specialized food from there.  Some weeks I shop at any local grocery store depending on maybe what’s on sale there, or what I know they usually carry at a good price and we are in need of, or what organics they carry that other stores may not carry.  Sometimes I have to shop at the Indian store to replenish my spices or dals and they often carry some unique-to-Indian food type veggies that I can get only from them.  And some weeks I get to go to Costco to replenish my coconut oil, Kerrygold butter, sardines and other fats, proteins and veggie meal requirements…those are FUN weeks!  After I consider all this based on what I need that we eat often and which veggies will be in the house for the week then I start to consider what to make with those particular veggies (for Vegan Paleo meals and as a main component of or large side to a meal with meat), and then I consider what meats, beans, nuts or other Vegan Paleo protein or flatbread would go well with those veggies.  I plan on using some meat that I have in the freezer first (I keep a list in a notebook so that I don’t get frozen fingers digging through the freezer trying to figure it out).  Then if there is a meal that I am really craving I might sometimes grab fresh meat, poultry or fish from the grocery store.  I try to keep several varieties of beans in the pantry, but not having too many that it becomes overwhelming to keep track of; therefore I try to finish up a certain type of bean from the pantry before buying more varieties.   I always also try to have a variety of nuts soaked, dehydrated, and in the refrigerator or freezer so that they are ready to eat or ready to throw into a Vegan Paleo dish.  I will often keep some raw cashews in the fridge or freezer that can be soaked for about 4 hours and made into a Vegan Paleo sauce or cheese.  In the winter, one of the local organic farms offered a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture upfront investment/buyers program) for one whole chicken and two pounds of grass-fed ground beef every two weeks and sometimes I didn’t use all of that during those times and saved some chicken and meat to use at other times throughout the year.  So, when I have figured out all that I have, what is in season, and what I will be purchasing in consideration of the veggies and the proteins, then I fit it into the basic meal plan template so that I’ll know what to expect each day of the week.

Meal Planning

In this photo you’ll see lots of veggies that I collected from the garden, farmer’s market, neighbors and store.  

From all these veggies, I put together the meal plan from August 18-24, 2014

If you’re interested in seeing how looking at all those veggies and my freezer meat list actually inspired my meal plan, check it out.

AND it kinda happens often to me…I forget to defrost some meat or I forget to soak some beans or nuts…sigh, then I kinda have to come up with something on the spot for dinner!  I usually have shredded beef, lamb or chicken from a big roast (for Paleo meals) or properly soaked and cooked beans (for Vegan meals) in the freezer and that is so easy to throw in with some veggies or tomato sauce and herbs or spices and make a nice meal.  Also having canned fish (tuna, salmon, sardines, or mussels) or frozen thin white fish fillets is so easy because they can be defrosted so fast and turned into many different meals.

At lunch time we usually always eat a VEGAN PALEO meal and it is usually Indian style, so as long as I have “Indian masala” which is a paste made of tomatoes, onions, ginger and garlic and some frozen veggies, paneer (Indian cheese), squash or potatoes (white, sweet or yams) then I can easily create so many different varieties- sometimes adding coconut milk, ground nuts, or cream for even more variety, flavor and texture!  I will usually serve this meal, called a Sabji, with gluten-free toast, rice flour tortillas, or quick Paleo(ish) “Naan” made with almond flour, tapioca flour (ish=and sometimes an add-in of some other gluten-free flour) and coconut milk, oil and water.  Yogurt, either the dairy kind or quick coconut milk yogurt, also usually accompanies a Sabji.

CONFESSION:  As you probably know, I have 2 little girlie critters scampering around my kitchen as I’m busier than a bee getting all this fresh food cleaned, cooked, plated and served, BUT they don’t eat only these things written on the meal plan!  Oh me in my kitchen all the day long!  The girlies don’t always eat the same spicy Indian foods that we often thrive on, nor do they eat at the same time as us pretty often.  We kind of follow a mixed up European/Indian eating schedule (I’ve heard many restaurants in Italy don’t even open until 7 or 8 PM for dinner) with some influence of American style meals, which means that we have a pretty nice sized breakfast at around 8 or 9 AM, then lunch comes at about 1:30.  Next is tea/coffee time where we calm our minds from the day’s work with a foamy latte (You’ll find out how I like those!) or an authentic Chai made with sweet spices, Oberweiss whole milk, a LIL HONEY and sometimes a piece of gluten-free toast with nut butter or another homemade healthy snack.  Well, that falls just before typical American dinner time, so I’m usually making up the little bumblers’ dinners while getting that ready and they eat soon.  My hubby and I eat dinner (which I prepare in the kitchen while the girlies are eating there) at about 9 PM after I’ve settled the rascals down, put ’em in bed and had a bit of my reading time in their bed.   So they will eat a mix of leftovers from the day before or some frozen grass-fed hotdogs, meatballs or shredded chicken with lots of fresh veggie and fruit sides and I find that they need carbs like potatoes or rice or rice pasta or else they continue to be hungry after eating an enormous plateful of qualified Paleo foods…why I follow the eating philosophy I made!   It’s what works for us!

However, many times I do stay up too late at night and therefore wake up too late in the morning and we end up with fried or scrambled eggs, bananas or melon, and gluten-free toast with plenty of butter on our plates for breakfast.  My sweet honey-brown head loves to think creatively and yummily and wishes it could make that body attached to it get to business in the mornings making Vegan or Paleo muffins, quiches, hash browns and such, but many times…what’s on the menu doesn’t happen.  Gluten-free or Paleo pancakes are easy to make happen and I usually do some type of baking at least once a week, but many times it doesn’t happen more than once a week.

SO, EVERY WEEK I’ll post our meal plan all filled out with the exact dishes I will be cooking (or attempting to cook) in the kitchen because I take care to plan our weekly meals so that I know what to shop for, what to use up from our freezer or pantry and how to balance our nutrition and fit in all our cravings as well! This will give a unique way to get inspired ideas of recipes or meals! Some of the recipes will be from my books and others are just for fun! I Love EXPERIMENTING in the kitchen! (But I don’t love the mess that usually creates…sigh!) So I just make it through the mess with the help of a cup of espresso with raw goats milk and A LIL HONEY!


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